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Dear Customers,

Please be advised due to my business travel my office in US is closed from Sept. 15 until Oct. 4, 2017. I will NOT have access to my phone and would have a very limited access to my Emails.

For any questions --- please contact RO St. Petersburg office.

Their email:   OR:         

Their Tel.: 011-7-812-363-0368. I am sure - they will help you.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your patience. I will reply on your email after my return. I will resume my normal business on Oct. 4, 2017

For all 2018 Tours - Please contact me in Nov. 2017 when we know the 2018 Tour Programs and prices. Please be advised that 2016-17 Tour Prices will NOT be a good indicator for the 2018.




VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our E-mail system is such that we will see all your correspondence with the Red October Company, Russia also. Therefore, please start and finish your booking ONLY with one Company - Red October USA or Red October Company, St. Petersburg, Russia. RO USA will provide you with EXACTLY the same Tour Programs as the RO St. Petersburg, Russia. Please make your Tour Booking efficient and without redundancy.  

Red October USA E-Mail response time is less than 2 Hrs. Meaning that - after you submit your “Request for Quote”  you will get your Tour Program and Price in a less than 2 Hrs. !

Note: If you did NOT get my Response - please RE-Check your Email Address you supplied to me = 99% it was not correct! Also, please make SURE that your Computer is NOT Blocking my Attachments !!!

Other words, - if you did NOT receive my Response within 2 Hrs. - please check all on your Side !!! And e-mail me a Letter to:

Please be advised: It is ILLEGAL to use RO Vouchers for The Dates, Time or Evening Tours different than the indicated in RO Vouchers. Russian Immigration is VERY strict about that ! It would be considered as Illegal Crossing the Russian Border !!!

Russian Passport Control could retain you and impose a VERY High Fine up to 10 k. US Dollars per person. As the result - you definitely would miss your Ship ! Please take it VERY seriously and do NOT consider Illegal Crossing the Russian Border !



Completing below Information - you will help me to build your Itinerary EXACTLY to your Specifications ! Please take your Time - Thank you for your Patience !

  First Name:   
  Last Name:   
  Country of Residence:                                                  
  E-mail Address:  Example: - verify that your E-mail address is correct.    
  E-Mail Address Again:    
  Special Needs / Requirements? if a wheel chair, car seat, booster chair or stroller are needed - you must bring your OWN. Private Tour/or to Join a Group?    


  List AGES OF ALL CHILDREN UNDER 15 Yrs. old: Sample: One child 9 yrs. old.

ONLY under 15 yrs. old = 10 % rate discount.                Kids under 5 yrs. old = free of charge 



  Ship Name: (Not a Cruise Line Name ! )  please write In the RIGHT box.    
  Initial Sailing Date :  The 1st day your ship leaves port. Example: May 1, 2012    
  Initial Port of Embarkation : (Port Ship Departs From)  Example: Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Dover, Harwich, Amsterdam ...    


  Super-Saver Bus Tours: you must have your own established group with of a min. 16 people
  For the Super-Saver Bus Tours you must have your own established group with of a min. 16 people Sorry - We DO NOT build the Group for you!  ONLY, If you have 16 or more people already - please advise your phone number :  


  ST PETERSBURG DAY TOURS:   We will Quote you  “The Must See” Tour.
Please let us know what special interest you wish to see and do while on your trip?
Special Interests Synagogue (a small entry fee extra charge)
Shopping     Other, specify:  

ST PETERSBURG - Shore Tour Days:  

  Exact dates you wish to tour w/RO
Put:DD( ex. for May 25 - put: 25) (in the box for each day you want touring while in port. - YOU DO NOT NEED INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL VISA = ONLY FOR THE DAY(S) and Time YOU TOUR WITH RO !!!!  The rest of the Time and Day(s) - you MUST have own VISA !
Day-1      Day-2     Day-3



CHECK THE OPTIONAL EXTRAS which do require additional planning and advance reservations.

Optional Hermitage Gold Room Private Visit = is expensive!  Visit takes up to 45 minutes.  NON-REFUNDABLE EXTRA CHARGE of USD 220 per reservation and up to 10 people - Meaning that if your party consists of 1 person or 10 people - you still pay USD 220.  All people in your group or none MUST go or not!  There are NO Faberge Eggs at the Gold Room anymore!  Please be advised that in case you go to the Gold Room the tour of the main Hermitage becomes 45 minutes shorter. 

Hermitage Early Admission (Advance Reservation is Required for early admission - please see above)
Lunch at City Restaurant  ( is NOT included)
Lunch with a Russian family  (extra charge = USD $35 pp.)
Bring Sandwiches from your ship (save time for more touring)
Hydrofoil between St Petersburg and Peterhof Palace (
NON-REFUNDABLE Extra Charge = USD $35 pp) Strongly Recommended in order to bypass very high traffic on roads!  This will save you at least 30 min. drive + 1 hour or longer of "sitting" in traffic.  By taking the Hydrofoil you could spend more time at the Hermitage.  This is The Best $35.00 you will spend if you want additional touring time. Available ONLY 1 Way !

The Faberge Museum Private Visit. Visit takes about 90 minutes. NON-REFUNDABLE EXTRA CHARGE of USD 420 per reservation and up to 15 people - Meaning that if your party consists of 1 person or 15 people - you still pay USD 420.  Must be Reserved 3 weeks prior of the visit. Please indicate in "Anything Else" box below.

The Faberge Museum Group Visit = $50 pp. Visit takes about 60 minutes.                                                                  NON-REFUNDABLE ! Starts ONLY at 5:30 pm. (extend your Day Tour for 2 hrs.= extra charge). Please indicate in "Anything Else" box below.

Please be advised: Art of ALL IMPRESSIONISTS were moved from the Hermitage Winter Palace to Main Staff Building: (Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Bonnard, Matisse, Derain, Picasso). Therefore, THIS EXHIBITION NOW IS a separate extra Visit !  

      IMPRESSIONISTS at The Hermitage = extra charge USD 35 per person (including the entrance fee and extension of the daytime tour for 1 Hr.) Optional IMPRESSIONISTS Museum Visit starts right after your Day-1 Tour

 Please advise NOW if you want this visit.

  Optional Evening Entertainment & Programs: For the Tourist staying ONLY 1 Day in SPB  - MUST be back on your Ship by 10 PM - Russian Immigration rule !  Therefore, - ONLY Two Evening Programs are available: “Na Zdorovie-"to your health !" & "From Russia with Love".

If you want to Continue your Day Tour for 1-4 Hrs. (walking in Downtown + Dinner on your own) - please advise how many extra Hrs. = extra charge.               Please indicate in "Anything Else" Box below

Russian Folklore Show $$     (8:00pm -10:00pm) Recommended!
Ballet “Giselle” or “ Swan Lake” at the Palace or at the Hermitage Theaters $$$ (8:00pm -10:00pm) Expensive!  Mariinski Ballet -
sorry, it is NOT OFFERED !
"White Nights" Evening Tour $$$ (7:00pm - 11:00pm)
      "Wonders of Lights & The City" + Canal Boat Trip

Russian Culture Tour  "From Russia with Love"  (5:30pm - 9:30pm) Recommended !  Visit a farmers market, visit a grocery store, enjoy dinner with a Russian family, and conclude with a scenic evening walking tour. Feel like a real Russian for One night!
Evening Tour “Na Zdorovie" - (5:30pm - 9:30pm) Our Favorite !  Visit Farmers Market, visit Grocery Supper Store, Tour of Bridges, enjoy Real Russian Restaurant Dinner & Gypsy Show" 4 hours evening event.
Evening Club Program (Alternative)




Are You Interested in a 14.5 Hrs. Novgorod Tour? please click on the drop down window on the right and select


Date you would like to tour Novgorod?
Example: May 1, 2013



  MOSCOW 1-DAY CITY TOUR: $$$$ !   Offered ONLY for Tourists who stay in St. Petersburg 3 Days !

Are You Interested in a 18 Hrs. Moscow Tour? please click on the drop down window on the right and selct *RO does NOT offer Moscow tour to the Tourist staying ONLY 2 Days in St. Petersburg!!!! )

  Date you would like to tour Moscow?
Example: May 1, 2013


  Are you interested in a 12 Hrs. Private Berlin Tour starting from the Pier ? please click on the drop down window on the right and select
(About 3 Hrs. drive each way from Rostock / Warnemunde Port)           ----- or ---Private Berlin Tour starting from any point in Berlin (this Tour costs less if you take Cruise Ship's R/T Bus or Train to and from Berlin) please indicate in "Anything ELSE"

or---- Former Concentration Camp + Berlin City Tour-please click on the drop down window on the right and select. Also - please indicate in "Anything ELSE"

  Date & Time you would like to tour Berlin?
Example: May 1, 2013


  ANYTHING ELSE? We will Quote you  “The Must See” Tour. Please Write in the Box to the RIGHT and let us know what special you wish to see and do while on your trip?

Do you want Tallinn, Gdansk, Helsinki, Stockholm or Copenhagen city Tours ?   

Jewish Heritage Tours in Tallinn or Gdansk ?

Former Concentration Camp + Gdansk Tour?

Please advise what Language Speaking Guide you need:

  • English Speak. Guide = no extra charge
  • Spanish Speak. Guide = extra charge $ 15 per hr./per Group
  • Portuguese, Chinese Speak. guide =  extra charge $ 20 per hr/per group 


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Red October USA


Please join Red October Company for your next trip to Russia.
RO staff never misses an opportunity to exceed your expectations.


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