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Red October Tours and Services Overview




Our primary goal is to help you to book Red October Company tour programs which will make your stay at St. Petersburg memorable and rewarding. Please take a few minutes and submit Request for Quote < click on it We will help to plan and book your tour for an exciting stay in St Petersburg, Russia.

Red October USA, LLC will provide you with EXACTLY the same Tour Programs as RO St. Petersburg office. We offer you help for booking all Red October Products and Services. RED OCTOBER Company is a full-service travel company in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sample Tours: click on the links below to view sample tours
bullet Please NOTE:  (These are JUST a Sample Tours and NOT your actual Itinerary, and NOT all Venues are Included in price, inside visit to some Venues are more EXTRA Charges. 
bullet Sample St. Petersburg Day Tours & Activities:
  1, 2 & 3 Day St. Petersburg Tours (Just a Sample, not your actual Itinerary !)

bullet  2-Day Super Saver St. Petersburg Bus Tour - you MUST have your own established group of 15 people minimum.

     Optional St Petersburg Evening Programs
   Optional St Petersburg Alternative Evening  Program  

Berlin 1-Day Tours from Port of Rostock / Warnemunde
   1-Day Berlin City Tour 

   1-Day Jewish Heritage Tour W/Camp & Berlin City

Prices depend on the number of people in your group or party, the choice of venues you would take and the type of vehicle you chose for your tour.

  • Red October offers UNMATCHED QUALITY & VALUE.
  • The same Red October Guide, Driver and Transport will accompany you through the Tour.
  •  Shore Excursions & Day Trips to St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Russia, Berlin, Tallinn, Gdansk, highly qualified RO guides are fluent in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and other languages helping you to have a very memorable and rewarding experience !

Please join Red October Company for your next trip to Russia.
RO staff never misses an opportunity to exceed your expectations.


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